Taking a New Road Home


By Zena Rife, SCHS Intern Writer

Sergeant Boyd Graham of the St. Cloud Police Department was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer in March of this year. To show support for Sergeant Graham, S. Commerce Center Drive, at the intersection of Neptune Road, has recently been renamed Sergeant Graham Drive.

“It’s amazing, I’m so happy about it. And I know that he was really happy about it. I’m just grateful, not only that they did it, you know, and acknowledged his service. I’m grateful that he was able to see it, and know it had been done, feel the appreciation and feel proud of himself. I’m grateful to know that my children, and future grandchildren, will know that he was an amazing man and worthy of that kind of honor. I give my gratitude to the city, for all of the support, and to the well -ishers. The support has been received gratefully.” said Claire Graham, Sergeant Graham’s wife.

Although Sergeant Graham was proud to hold the position of Captain for a few days before he retired, he has always felt that he was the most productive and confident in his abilities as a Sergeant, so he asked for the road to be named Sergeant Graham Drive.

“Sergeant Graham Drive honors a man who served his country as a Marine and an Army soldier, then his community as a dedicated Law Enforcement Officer.” said Chief Peter Gauntlett.

Many of Graham’s coworkers and friends echo these sentiments.  As he has served this city for many years, he has the respect of both citizens and all law enforcement as well.  This honor is truly deserved and a wonderful legacy.

“We are thankful to the Osceola County Commissioners for approving the renaming of S. Commerce Center Drive to Sergeant Boyd Graham Drive. This is just another way that we will continue to honor Sgt. Boyd Graham’s service to our community,” explained Sgt. Denise Roberts of the St. Cloud Police Department.  “He proudly served at the St. Cloud Police Department for over 16 years and also served in the United States Marine Corp. and the United States Army protecting our great nation.  This street sign marks his legacy and his footprint in this world, the impact that he made in our lives, our hearts and in our community, which will now live on forever.”

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