Internet Child Sex Operation Results in 28 Arrests

Carlos Landron Santiago, of St. Cloud, arrested for Attempted Lewd/Lascivious Battery, Traveling to Seduce a Child to Commit Sex, Use of Computer to Solicit a Child, and Resisting LEO without Violence

Carlos Landron Santiago, of St. Cloud, arrested for Attempted Lewd/Lascivious Battery, Traveling to Seduce a Child to Commit Sex, Use of Computer to Solicit a Child, and Resisting LEO without Violence

Osceola County Sheriff’s detectives concluded a 5-day, multi-agency, undercover operation which resulted in 28 suspects arrested and charged with attempted lewd & lascivious battery, traveling to seduce a child for sex and other sex and drug related crimes. Led by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, the operation was conducted November 20-24, in conjunction with detectives, officers and special agents of the Central Florida Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office worked with the following agencies: Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Air Force Office of Special Investigations-MacDill Airforce Base, Citrus, Lake, Orange, Pinellas, Polk and the Seminole Sheriff’s Offices, Kissimmee, Sanford and St. Petersburg Police Departments. During the operation, undercover detectives from the agencies listed, posed as juveniles or the parent or guardian of a juvenile to talk with individuals in chat rooms and instant messaging programs on the Internet.

Suspects would travel to an undercover house or secondary meeting location located in Osceola County with the purpose of having sex with a child. During the chats, some of the suspects sent pornographic images to the undercover detectives and they also brought drugs and other items to the meeting. One suspect was on business from Italy, but most were from Florida cities. In addition, a married couple, substitute teacher, a member of the U.S. Army and a former Navy pilot were arrested. All the suspects were booked into the Osceola County Jail.

In one instance, Christopher Guyton explained the situation to detectives as they asked why he was here.

“Uh, because I was talking to a girl who said she was 14 years old about coming over to have sex,” said Guyton. “Initially, I was looking on Plenty of Fish [dating website] and came across a profile. I thought she was attractive, seemed kinda funny in the profile and I sent her a message. She replied back telling me right away that she was soon to be 15. At which point I actually said this is probably a set-up. I actually told her that. Chatted with her a little bit more…I had no plans of doing anything… I really don’t know what changed with that. I continued talking to her and she invited me over to you know whatever… to have sex.”

Guyton seemed somewhat matter-of-fact in his interview following his arrest, even stating, “She mentioned she was a virgin… She said she wasn’t looking for a relationship just basically somebody to take her virginity… I mentioned, also for obvious reasons, that I wouldn’t be able to be her boyfriend anyway… being that she is a minor.”

The married couple, Heidi Freer and Zack Marvin, was busted while speaking to a guardian about sexual situations involving a 14-year-old daughter. Her response was emotional, but unmoving.

“When it comes to people having sex with children, it grosses me out… It was just a joke. But then again preference is preference,” stated Freer. “I convinced myself that it was a role-play game and that it was fake….”

Another arrestee, Carl Cooksey, arrived to have sex with the 13-year-old nephew of the online profile provider (undercover agent). He told deputies that “if everyone was willing, he would have had sex with the 13-year-old.” Dylan Vogt, one of the younger suspects, arrived bearing condoms and cannabis to meet and have sex with a 15-year-old girl.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt nobody, I’m only twenty,” said a highly-emotional Vogt.

It is alarming to see the numbers in which these instances occur. While 28 more of these sex offenders are off the street, there is still much more to be done.

“This operation should also be a warning to all parents to monitor and be involved with their child’s computer activities,” said Sheriff Bob Hansell.


The following were arrested.
Carlos Landron-Santiago (DOB 2/3/83), 735 Michigan Court, St. Cloud
Damion Hickman (DOB 3/28/83), 4107 Bell Tower Court, Kissimmee
Glyn Sutton (DOB 9/7/61), 625 Regency Way, Kissimmee
Bryan Tejeda (DOB 2/26/92), 2349 N. Central Avenue, Kissimmee
Richard Rogers (DOB 3/28/71), 4016 Meadowlark Drive, Poinciana
Christopher Bennett, DOB 6/10/80, 102 Redgrave Drive, Sebastian, FL.
Darnell Bryan (DOB 12/31/90), 47 Dogwood Drive Pass, Ocala, FL
Michele Cassetta (DOB 9/21/68), Via Rocca 8 Malara, Italy
From Italy Visiting on Business Trip
Carl Cooksey (DOB 2/12/77), 13101 Heathermoss Drive, Orlando
Michael Crevier (DOB 3/12/68), 2052 Las Palmas Circle, Orlando
Jason Dillabaugh (DOB 11/21/74), 3733 N. Goldenrod Road, Winter Park
Occupation: Former Navy Pilot
Raymond Foy (DOB 10/19/88), 6608 S. Westshore Blvd, Tampa
Occupation: U.S. Army
Heidi Freer (DOB 2/22/88), 215 Longview Avenue, Lady Lake, FL
Married Couple-Husband is Zack Marvin
Anthony Fulbright (DOB 10/21/77), 3304 Lake Hills Lane, Eagle Lake
Kristopher Gilbert (DOB 2/14/79), 1428 Meadowlark Drive, Titusville, FL
Occupation: Substitute Teacher
Christopher Guyton (DOB 4/24/86), 1421 Barbados Avenue, Orlando
Jerry Johnson (DOB 7/20/79), 1409 trail Boss Lane, Brandon, FL
Zack Marvin (DOB 7/1/86), 20715 SE 155th Street, Umatilla, FL
Married Couple-Wife is Heidi Freer
Jonathan Nostades (DOB 9/18/93), 10336 Willow Ridge, Orlando
Lorne Oland (DOB 2/2/74), 4025 Song Drive, Cocoa, FL
Michael Perez (DOB 8/14/88), 902 Bella Vista Way, Orlando, FL
Douglas Platt (DOB 9/22/86), 657 Jamestown Boulevard, Altamonte Springs, FL
Miguel Perez (DOB 6/21/71), 3139 Spirit Lake Road, Winter Haven
Colton Trigin (DOB 2/14/94), 6944 River Oaks Drive, Orlando
JeremyVannice (DOB 2/28/81), 143 Underhill Loop, Orlando
Dylan Vogt (DOB 11/2/93), 2549 Alclobe Circle, Ocoee
Brian Wilkins (DOB 9/11/67), 2299 S. Kirkman Road, Orlando


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