Dating Study: 55 Percent of Americans Admit to Spying on Significant Others

Orlando Listed as #8 Most Trusting City… Who Knew? surveyed 22,121 members and discovered that approximately 55 percent of Americans admit to previously spying on a partner. The survey also found that hacking into one’s e-mail is the most common method used (58 percent), more women snoop (73 percent) than men (27 percent), and Richmond has the highest percentage of snoopers in the country (68.1 percent).

The Edward Snowden case has created a national debate of whether governmental spying is ever justified or purely invasive. But what about spying when it is done by our significant other?, surveyed 22,121 of its members to answer this question and reveal the most common spying habits that exist in relationships. The anonymous survey asked, “Have you ever spied on your significant other?”

According to the results, approximately 55 percent of members surveyed admitted to spying at least once on their partner. Furthermore, the survey discovered that more women (73 percent) spy compared to men (27 percent).

The survey then presented a list of spying methods and asked members to check-off any actions done during their current or previous relationships:

Most Common Methods of Spying (Based on Percentage of Total Surveyed)

1.)    Unauthorized email access – 58 Percent
2.)    Unauthorized access to text messages – 47 Percent
3.)    Researching social media accounts – 39 Percent
4.)    Listening in on phone calls or use of phone taps– 18 Percent
5.)    Looking through telephone records – 18 Percent
6.)    Looking through credit card statements – 16 Percent
7.)    Following and shadowing – 10 Percent
8.)    Using mobile GPS tracking – 7 Percent
9.)    Hiring a private investigator – 4 Percent
10.)  Other – 9 Percent

“Protecting privacy is increasingly difficult in today’s digitally-connected society,” says Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of  “Our study shows that surveillance today doesn’t require highly-paid spies or big technology budgets.  More often than not, the act of spying can be performed by anyone–especially someone closest to you.”

Finally, the survey utilized the data to pinpoint the locations where the highest percentages of people have spied:

The Least Trusting Cities (Based on Percentage of Locals Who Admit to Spying)

Richmond, VA – 68.1 Percent
Denver, CO – 67.2 Percent
Tampa, FL – 66.7 Percent
Columbus, OH – 66.2 Percent
Raleigh, NC – 65.4 Percent
Scottsdale, AZ – 61.9 Percent
Nashville, TN – 61.7 Percent
Minneapolis, MN – 61.3 Percent
Cincinnati, OH – 60.9 Percent
Miami, FL – 60.7 Percent

The Most Trusting Cities (Based on Percentage of Locals Who Have Never Spied)
Jacksonville, FL – 54.6 Percent
Baltimore, MD – 54.4 Percent
Oklahoma City, OK – 53.7 Percent
Beverly Hills, CA – 53.1 Percent
New York, NY – 51.3 Percent
Louisville, KY – 51.1 Percent
Seattle, WA – 50.4 Percent
Orlando, FL – 50.0 Percent
Los Angeles, CA – 48.8 Percent
Houston, TX – 48.8 Percent

What is is the world’s largest “Sugar Daddy” dating website with over 2 million members. Founded in 2007 by MIT graduate, Brandon Wade, the site has been featured in such outlets as the New York Times, CNN, Good Morning America, and ABC 20/20. Wade is a leading “dating expert”, author, and internet entrepreneur who also founded a number of niche-dating websites: the number one travel-dating site,, the world’s only online dating-auction,, and a millionaire dating site,

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